Friday, 5 October 2012

Broken Promises, Paper Lions, and an Interesting Summer

This was a big year for death in music. Not just the celebrities who've passed over 2012, but things that actually affect YYC music as a whole.

The Kensington Jam House, of which I was lucky enough to be a part of, as well as the Marquee Room, have shut their doors to the Calgary scene in one of the saddest years I've ever been witness to. Two of the most iconic (in my opinion, at least) gathering areas of the Calgary music scene, in the same year, each had their own mournful death cries, to the chagrin of their frequenters. Such a sad, sad year.

The Marquee Room was one of my favorite places in the city. It was also one of the places I first started interviewing and reviewing bands, back in the day when I wrote for that other publication, which shall remain unnamed to protect the innocent. I hadn't been there in quite a while when I found out about what was going to happen to it, and I regret that completely. It was an eye-opener for all of us, showing that no matter how much love a place or person can have, it still will come to an end eventually. I wish I had gone more, and that is honestly my only regret thus far for 2012.

As you all probably know, I was staying at The Kensington Jam House for the majority of this year (March through September). That, sadly, has fallen apart as well, with first Eric and then Cole leaving. This left Gavin (Boyd) and I with some... less then desirable roommates. I left after paying my September rent because holy shit. That was incredibly sad for me. I have about 50 pictures on my phone of just the house and property from the day I left, just so I don't forget the place where I made so many of my closest friends. It was my home before I lived there, and I'm sad that its fallen into such.... Unpleasant hands. It deserved better than that.

On a brighter note, I totally get to interview Paper Lions, who are coming to town next month on the 17th. They also happen to be one of my favorite bands. I might die before I ever get around to publishing the article with BeatRoute, just because I'll be so happy that it's a possibility. I mean, people in the movies always die or have a horrible tragedy when they're at their happiest, so obviously it'll be the same with me.

Real life is like the movies, right, guys? Right?

I'll post the highlights of that, as well as the Just for Laughs Comedy Tour, which I'm also totally covering for BeatRoute. Awesome. This, I think, is going to be a good month.

I'd post highlights of local bands, but honestly, I've been busy as shit with freelancing and working all the goddamn time and trying to have a social life once in a while, so I'm a bit out of the loop at the moment. I'll do some digging this weekend probably. Hopefully, that won't be another one of those promises that I break to you all.

Sorry about that, by the way.

- Erin