Friday, 10 August 2012

Oh Hey Hannah!

Wow! Life has gotten hectic with a capital WHAT THE FUCK in the last few months! Those who know me well know what's going on, and those that don't... Well, it's easier if I summarize rather than detail it all.

Before September 1st, I need to:
- Move. This means packing, finding boxes, finding a place, and saving up (somehow!) enough for a damage deposit and first months rent.
- Continue to work 2+ full-time jobs. Between my day job, BeatRoute, freelancing, and several books, I've been working 20-ish hour days, 7 days a week. Yikes!
- Run my own business. My freelancing is technically my own business, and I need to treat it as such. This means start-up nonsense like stock spreadsheets, invoices, budgets, and expense tracking.
- Still manage to have some semblance of a social life! I'm not turning into (more) of a hermit, guys, I promise. I just have a whole lot on my plate tonight.

Like BPO and Mammoth Grove at the New Black tonight! Rumour has it, the beer is cheap, and it's only a $5 cover. Plus, it's Mammoth Grove and BPO. Who would miss that?!

I promise I'll get more on top of this thing one of these days, guys. Pinkie swear.

- Erin

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